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A Christmas present

Posted: Wed Dec 25, 2019 3:19 pm
by markfilipak
Merry Christmas. I've discovered that HandBrake can handle mixed sources really, really smartly.

Source: Mixed NTSC (30 FPS) & hard telecine (from 24 FPS cinema Origin) packaged @ 30i -- a DVD "Making of" extra.

1 - Line doubling via 'Interlace Detection: Default' 'Deinterlace: Yadif'+'Preset: Bob'
at 'Framerate (FPS): 60' 'Constant Framerate' produces an excellent transcode
-- this I had previously discovered and was massively pleased.
2 - Detelecining via 'Detelecine: Default' 'Framerate (FPS): 60' 'Peak Framerate'
produces the same, excellent quality @ 47.952 < VFR < 59.97 FPS & a 5% smaller Target
-- this discovery has blown me away because, with a 60 FPS PFR setting, I did not expect
detelecine to do anything, but it does. I'm awed.

What a nice Christmas present. Thanks!

The above was via H.265QSV encoding. I repeated with software H.265 and got a Target half again smaller -- the Intel QSV encoder must have tripped over the complexity -- but with slight twitter.

Any tip how I might eliminate the twitter? -- recall that I'm using Yadif Bob @ 2x FPS (i.e., line doubling).

Source VOB: 597 KB.
H.265QSV, MKV Target (no detelecine): 637 KB.
H.265QSV, MKV Target (detelecined): 612 KB.
H.265, MKV Target (detelecined): 293 KB.

Ya know, I think I may be approaching a single set of 60 Hz TV Target presets that yield perfect transcodes [1] for *all* Sources. Wouldn't that be something? Imagine simply selecting '60 Hz TV' & pushing 'Start Encode'.
[1] Perfect means indistinguishable from the DVD Source.

Even more...
I just tried 'Deinterlace: Yadif'+'Preset: QSV' with software H.265 and I think that the result may expose what's wrong with QSV. Yadif QSV makes a Target that's VFR, but that never gets above 29.97 FPS (so, no line doubling) and consequently has obvious combing & judder.

PS: All of the above is with a 60 Hz TV.

Re: A Christmas present

Posted: Wed Dec 25, 2019 6:58 pm
by mduell
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