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Help : jerked videos after re-encoding

Posted: Mon Sep 30, 2019 7:29 pm
by Xavier76100
Hi everyone.

After encoding videos with Handbrake, I have a problem of jerks when I play re-encoded videos on my Popcorn Hour A-210 multimedia device. The problem occurs only when the subtitles are activated on PCH A-210 and not with every re-encoded video (about 30% of them).

I always use the same settings :
H.264 MVK 1080p30
Cropping = automatic
Filters = default (decomb)
Framerate = same as source and constant framerate
Quality = 2-pass encoding (with or without turbo first pass)
Audio = passthru codec
Subtitles = using the tracks of the source : sometimes it's UTF-8 or PGS or SSA.... (forced only and burn in always deactivated)

The result is always good....except for this jerky videos issue with some of re-encoded videos when subtitles are activated on the PCH A-210. I had to use several subtitle formats. I also used SRT import instead of source subtitle tracks but it doesn't change the problem when it appears.
I know the Popcorn Hour A-210 is an old device, quite obsolete (HEVC and Dolby Digital + are not supported) but the irony is this is the device with the less of jerks problems. I tried the Popcor-Hour VTen, A-500, I also tried Kodi TV app but I have many more jerky videos (not encoded with HandBrake) than on PCH A-210. So I decided to keep my PCH A-210 and to reencode H.265 videos into H.264. It would be great without this jerks problem on subtitled videos.

Does anyone have an idea ? Should I try other settings on HandBrake ? The difficulty is that this problem doesn't appear on every video. Seems to be random, so I can't determine where the problem comes from : the kind of subtitle ? the kind of filter ?

Thanks for your help.

Re: Help : jerked videos after re-encoding

Posted: Thu Oct 03, 2019 11:49 pm
by mduell
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