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Re: Constant Quality Preset Numbers

Post by edward05 »

Hey guy new to handbrake, I have been playing around with it the last few hrs, Now my question is

The HQ Preset has QP 20 and veryfast has 24rf

Now i was reading and found this
Higher RF values lead to lower picture quality and smaller file sizes,
while lower RF values lead to higher picture quality and larger file sizes.
From here ... mance.html

very fast 1080 24rf
default fast 1080 22

So is the higher number better quality like is says in the description in handbrake on mouse over RF ?

Thank You

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Re: Re: Constant Quality Preset Numbers

Post by mduell »

Your question reflects literally the opposite of what the documentation says.

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Re: Re: Constant Quality Preset Numbers

Post by markfilipak »

The higher the QP number, the lower the quality. I know that seems backwards, but it is what it is.

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