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4K to 1080p for LumaFusion best settings?

Posted: Mon Feb 25, 2019 6:34 am
by HolidayFilms
1) Being unable to edit 4K video using LumaFusion on my iPad Air I have to convert down to 1080p. LumaFusion does have a suggested setting for Handbrake but I find their suggested settings to be lower than what I can actually get away with and still edit smoothly on LumaFusion. I've played around with different presets and settings but I am wondering if anyone can recommend a kinda max quality setting. I know I'm losing quality going from 4K to 1080p, just hoping to minimize the quality loss when I downconvert. Also have no idea about the additional options field beyond LumaFusion suggests Keyint=(double my framerate). Any help appreciated.

2) I heard that you get better Youtube quality if you upconvert 1080p to 4K and then submit as Youtube allocates a higher bitrate in their conversion for UHD. I know Handbrake has Youtube presets for 4K. So, that will be the best quality to export that gets the best end result in Youtube? Youtube will always apply their compression to whatever you throw at it or is there a 1 to 1 no compression option?

Thanks again!

HandBrake version: 1.2.2
Macbook Pro and iPad Air (LumaFusion app)

Re: 4K to 1080p for LumaFusion best settings?

Posted: Mon Feb 25, 2019 11:37 pm
by mduell
Use the Production Standard preset with the resolution limited to 1920x1080. You may want to make a copy of that preset with resolution limitation if you'll be using this a lot. You likely don't need/want any other advanced options. The LumaFusion help also says level 3.1, which would limit you to 720p not 1080p, so I'm unclear if their guidance is out of date or you have reason to believe 1080p is supported or otherwise desirable.

At the point you're willing to throw out 3/4 of the pixels so you can edit on an iPad rather than a real computer, worrying about how Youtube is going to encode it seems pretty navel gazey. But yes, if you wanted to try this, you could use the HB CLI to upscale your video back to 4K before submitting to Youtube.

Re: 4K to 1080p for LumaFusion best settings?

Posted: Mon Feb 25, 2019 11:41 pm
by HolidayFilms
Thanks for the response. I think I'm borked for 4K editing on my Macbook as well as it doesn't have a dedicated graphics card and chokes on attempted view of 4K video files. Will take your suggestion on the Production Standard preset. Thanks again.