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Hi all,

I want to get a running thread going where I can help get people up and running HandBrake for their PSP.

I picked up a PSP 1000 the other day for cheap, and I got HandBrake 1.0.2 working with it just fine. I know there's this blog post from 2014 that talks about the preset, which works, but he's only partially correct. There's more you can do to get better x264 specs.

I've got my documentation here on how to do it. I basically took his steps above, but went to main profile instead of baseline, and reduced the # of bframes. Works great. I also encoded at a higher frame size, since the PSP respects display aspect ratio. So, even higher quality.

My example, I have the letterboxed original theatrical Star Wars DVD, so it was a good one where you have a few anomalies to start with (not including the PSP itself).

I'll repeat the command line arguments for Linux here. The same will work anywhere else once in the GUI. If someone wants me to post screenshots, I can (or, you can). Just looking at the args, it's easy to figure out what's what, though.

Generic encode that'll work fine with anything:

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HandBrakeCLI -e x264 --encoder-profile main -x bframes=1 -w 480 -i /dev/dvd -o movie.mp4
More specific one where I use the higher frame size, then set the aspect ratio using mp4box (I haven't figured out how to set it in HandBrake)

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HandBrakeCLI -e x264 --encoder-profile main -x bframes=1 -w 480 -l 272 --subtitle-burned 1 -i /dev/dvd -o movie.mp4
mp4box -par 1=4:3 movie.mp4
Edit: went through the GUI for 1.0.2 on Windows, and here's the changes to make:

- Container: MP4
- Picture: set width to 480, and tick keep aspect raio
- Video: set encoder profile to Main; set extra options to "bframes=1"
- Audio: Encode using AAC, mixdown to stereo
- Subtitles: they won't work, so remove them -- you can burn them in though if you like
- Chapters: same

thats it!
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Post by throaway720 »

Made an account just to say thanks.

Thank you! You are awesome!!! ^^
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