Constant Framerate

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Constant Framerate

Post by jaysue »

Ok iv'e been looking around the internet for a awhile and can't seem to find an answer, i just purchased an Xbox One and installed the Plex app, and i have an Apple TV 3, so i want to encode some DVD and Blu-ray to play on both devices, so i'm trying to find some good settings. Should i go with the Apple 3 preset and use the (same as source) selected, or some have said 30 FPS and use constant framerate, but some have said don't use same as source, i tried to load some iTunes movies that i purchased into the program Media Info and the movies both HD and SD were at 23.9 fps at constant framerate, should i use that? Or just use the Apple 3 preset and don't mess with it? Any help would be great, thanks
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Re: Constant Framerate

Post by TedJ »

Just stick with the ATV3 preset.
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