MediaFork ignores the dimensions I select

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MediaFork ignores the dimensions I select

Post by hawkman » Sat Feb 17, 2007 10:30 pm

[edit] After some extensive testing I have found that MediaFork seems to be maintaining the original aspect ratio whatever I try with any codec, even in the CLI. Accordingly I'm posting in the Bugs forum instead as this is a more general issue for me. [/edit]


As I note here, the 640px wide iPod limit seems to be enforced by iTunes, not the iPod itself.

Therefore, I want to rip a widescreen movie to iPod-compatible H.264 at 720x416 (which comes in at under 1200 macroblocks), use QuickTime Pro to correct the aspect ratio via saving as a .mov, and try to get the iPod to play it.

Trouble is, the MediaFork gui isn't interested in letting me. If I turn off "keep aspect ratio" and set the dimensions manually to 720x416, the output I get is still 720x304. [I've tried with both the Main and iPod H.264 profiles, so my original suspicion that it was something to do with the iPod settings specifically is wrong.]

Can I change this behaviour? Can I do it with the command line tool? Any help would be appreciated.


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