PS Vita Settings and Preset

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PS Vita Settings and Preset

Post by Garylisk »

After searching around, I came across a Handbrake preset for PS Vita on another website, and found it to be fairly unacceptable. After some slight modifications, I have created a preset that encodes for PS Vita that looks great and shoots out some pretty low file sizes. Average file size for me for a 23 minute episode of anime was around 50-75 MB and looked fantastic on the Vita's screen.

I thought it was a shame that it wasn't posted on the actual Handbrake forums, so I decided to share.

Since anime has a lot of still frames where there's not much movement when characters are just talking or whatnot, it compresses very well, so I imagine a source that moves around more would have a larger file size, though I can't imagine too much larger.

Here's the rundown and a link to the preset on Mediafire:

Container: MP4 File (All boxes next to that are NOT checked)
Resolution: 720x544 (Required resolution for Vita)
Detelecine: Default (Since the Vita's screen is progressive scan. Obviously, adjust filters to your liking. I'd be willing to bet leaving it like this would work well for most DVDs, though.)
Video codec: H.264
Framerate: 29.97 Constant Framerate
Constant Quality: RF:30 (I found that going higher than 30 hurts quality a lot. 35 still looked OK, though. You could go lower, but I doubt you could even notice much change on the Vita itself. Just don't judge the quality from watching on your monitor - Actually put the video on your Vita, you will see that it looks very nice.)
Audio codec: AAC (faac)
Mixdown: Stereo (I don't think the Vita is capable of any more than 2 channels.)
Samplerate: 48
Bitrate: 128
Advanced: All default settings, works just fine.

Link to preset:

Enjoy! The vita is great for watching videos on, especially if you have the little dock for it.
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