AppleTV 3 1080p stuttering

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AppleTV 3 1080p stuttering

Post by Zaq2000 »

I hope someone can please help me.
I have searched the forum for several hours trying to find a solution, but so far nothing had helped.
Using MakeMkv to rip a Blu-ray, Iron man 2 in this instance, I have been attempting to make a 1080p m4v encode to play on my AppleTV 3.
The problem that I have is that whatever settings I use the playback seems ever so slightly choppy to my eye, with a few lost frames here and there. I can't deny the quality of the encoded picture, but I want it as smooth as the source Blu-ray.
I have used high profile, appletv 2 preset and other combinations but anything 1080p still results with the same issue.
In trying to find a solution I've played with the anamorphic settings, I.e loose, strict etc it's not this, and have tried different network connections I.e ethernet, fully buffering a movie and even from AirPlay on an iPad with encodes using the web optimized setting checked.
Playing the same encodes in VLC on my mac look great with no stuttering so have narrowed the issue to the AppleTV.
Does anyone have the same issue with 1080p, or have any ideas/presets that I could try?
I hope that all made sense and would appreciate some assistance.
mic j
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Re: AppleTV 3 1080p stuttering

Post by mic j »

I have an aTV 3 and also use MakeMKV and HB for BR's. No problem. They look great and stream smoothly over wifi. I use High Profile w Web Optimized, anamorphic strict.
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