Apple TV Presets - Macroblocking

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Apple TV Presets - Macroblocking

Post by jtk83 »

I have an Apple TV and an Apple TV2.

Previous to the .9.5 build I would use the Apple TV preset, at 3000kpbs (instead of constant 20) and also do 2 passes. I upgraded to .9.5 and use the same Apple TV preset because I want the movies to be backwards compatible to my original Apple TV.

Now though the movies encoded for the original Apple TV look awful on the Apple TV2. Horrible macroblocking issues, dark scenes are particularly bad with macroblocking and artifacts to the point of being unwatchable.

Has anyone else seen this issue and is there a preset that I can use that will be backwards compatible to the original apple tv that will get rid of this on the ATV2?

Any help is much appreciated.
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Re: Apple TV Presets - Macroblocking

Post by thompson »

Indeed, you can use the helpfully included "AppleTV" preset. Next time though, post your Activity Log as the forum rules in the bright red box tell you to.
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Re: Apple TV Presets - Macroblocking

Post by mduell »

jtk83 wrote:Any help is much appreciated.
Reading the directions before posting and providing an activity log is also appreciated.
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