Converting for the Disney Mix Max

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Converting for the Disney Mix Max

Post by bglassman »

The Disney Mix Max is a media player aimed at younger kids. Someone at Disney seemed to have believed that they could sell them at $99 and then sell versions of their movies on SD cards at the same price DVDs used to sell for. In any event, the Mix Max is now appearing various places for <$30, so I got a couple. Now I can't find a way to use HandBrake to make a movie that will play on it. If anyone can find a way to use HandBrake for this, I'd be grateful. I'm a complete newcomer to the world of codecs, but I can follow instructions. I presume once HandBrake is set up to generate a usable file, the settings could be saved and shared, so more of us could benefit. Here is what the instructions that come with the Mix Max say:
This unit supports the following video formats: WMV 9 (simple profile, 220 x 176
resolution, 30 fps, 384 kbps max) + WMA 9 (sample rate of 8-48 kHz).
Here is a link to what I have learned about using other software to achieve the Mix Max format: ... layer.html

I have a Windows machine and a Mac, and have the newest HandBrake, plus the previous release, on the Mac. No HandBrake on the Windows machine yet. It's just too easy on the Mac.

Thank you!
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Re: Converting for the Disney Mix Max

Post by Rodeo »

Use other software. HandBrake does not convert to WMV.
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