AppleTV Question

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AppleTV Question

Post by dscotts »

Has anyone tried EyeTV USB Receiver with a AppleTV.

I was thinking (but it has probably already been talked about)

1. Buy AppleTV
2. Buy EyeTV USB receiver and Software
3. Load OSX full software on AppleTV
4. Load FrontRow on AppleTV
5. Put a USB HUB on the AppleTV
6. Load EveTV on AppleTV and connect the USB receiver in the USB Port
7. Put a external USB drive on AppleTV for additional content

You get a Tivo AppleTV with FrontRow.

Will this work? I want to build one but not sure if I forgot anything.


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Post by dscotts »

I said "What the Hell" and bought the ATV / EyeTV250 stuff to do it...

I will need to mod (find a moded) OS X for ATV.

Should be interesting... I need to get 2 more things, a IR Blaster and the software. That way I can use it with my DirecTV

It's about a $700 experiment but will be a kick-ass box if it works.

I wonder is FrontRow will recognize what it needs to see when I load it on a moded ATV...

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Post by deckeda »

Sounds like you're taking the long road to making a Mac mini, particularly since the opposite can also be done --- load the AppleTV interface onto a normal Mac ... however I recognize the component and HDMI outputs advantages of ATV. Good luck.

[Edit]: Keep in mind that talk of how-to-hack-an-ATV is out of scope here. This isn't an all-purpose AppleTV forum, but rather one for discussing HB projects for playing back on iPod/AppleTV.

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Post by nekogami13 »

Why not just buy a Mac mini and the eyeTV hybrid for around the same price and just not waste time?

The mini has a DVI connector on it-just get the hdmi-dvi cable and go.

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