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Extremely New

Post by wxirdchild »

Description of problem or question:
Hello, I'm extremely new to Handbrake and all these compressions, bit rate, and frame rates are not, so please help me out here.
Ever since Covid-19 started, classes and work have been moved online, conducted via Zoom and such.
I use OBS Studio as recommended to do a screen recording of my Zoom classes/meetings so I can watch back again to check on the parts I missed out on.

Would like to ask for suggestions on what kind of preset I should use to reduce the file size but still keep the video quality at a decent graphic, per se 720P as most of my classes/meeting last for over 1 to 2 hours, so the file size is pretty big.

I also have a video that I took with my iPhone 8+ quite a while ago and I would like some help/suggestions on compressing it.
It's a 14GB timelapse video that is about 2h 45mins long.

Thank you so much to all the kind souls that are willing to help me.

I don't deny I'm a tech idiot, I have zero clue how all these work.
I only know I want to reduce the file size as much as possible and don't mind having the quality drop by a bit.

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Windows 10

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Re: Extremely New

Post by mduell »

Fast 720p preset would be a good starting point for the zoom recordings. Switch the audio to passthrough instead of reencoding it. Adjust video encoding speed or quality/size from there.

For the timelapse, I'd start with the Fast 1080p preset if it's 1080p, or a 4K preset if it's 4K, again with passthrough audio.

For more specific advice, post the encoding log from your encoding attempt.
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