Ripping Problem DVDs

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Ripping Problem DVDs

Post by iJoel »

I've been looking around these forums for problem DVDs that won't rip
and the workarounds of such discs.

As it seems, every problem DVD topic I've found,
the fix seems to be just opening the specific title
of the movie/feature that your ripping and it works fine,
obviously because of the "protection" in mastering of the DVDs.

That can easily be coded into my script, to just default
the scanning to the specific title (how I'd find the specific title is another story).

But I was wondering if they're are any other fixes/workarounds for other DVDs
that anyone here knows about so I could code support for them in my script.

List of what I know:
Dark Knight - Open - Title 1
Wall-e - Open - Title 30
Kung-fu Panda - Open - Title 16
Prince Caspian - Open - Title 58
Finding Nemo - Open - Title 1
Bedtime Stories - Open - Title 23

Thanks ^__^
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Re: Ripping Problem DVDs

Post by refulgentis »

i doubt there's someone who has memorized every DVD that has multiple titles to screw up ripping :P
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Re: Ripping Problem DVDs

Post by iJoel »

refulgentis wrote:i doubt there's someone who has memorized every DVD that has multiple titles to [Censored] up ripping :P
Haha, that's not actually what I'm looking for.
I was just trying to inquire as to what kinds of problems people encounter during DVD ripping/transcoding
and they're specific workaround to fix it besides the specific title choosing workaround.

I mean, I realize that choosing the specific title of the movie in handbrake seems to eliminate a lot
of problems, so I know that method. Moreso wondering if I needed to know any others? ^__^.
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Re: Ripping Problem DVDs

Post by jeffcobb »

Joel; thought I answered this in another thread but it might have gotten lost; for what I consider 'problem children' the lame but reliable path has been using VirtualBox to create a free VM, install XP on it, and then install AnyDVD on *that*. Then, when a problem child comes along I boot the VM, use the AnyDVD raw ripper to write a clean copy of the disc image to a local (host) folder, then point EZRip (and hence HandBrakeCLI) and friends at that image. Slower and once in a great while I have to wait a day or two for SlySoft to leap ahead of the studios but that is rare. Best bucks I spent and at least up till a certain point they were selling lifetime upgrades which means as long as I have that VM, I am good to go.

There are some other approaches not using commercial software that can be done but they get uglier with each passing attempt ;)

Thus I am watching the responses here closely.

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Re: Ripping Problem DVDs

Post by hartam01 »

I haven't had any issues with those dvds, perfect rips using the intel mac os x version of HB - Version 0.9.3 (2008112300) and thats without using title specific.
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Re: Ripping Problem DVDs

Post by watcher »

Meet Me In St. Louis.

I'll post a log, when I finally give up, but this DVD is driving me buggy :shock:
My Mom bought it used and it rips OK with AnyDVD and Clone DVD, I can play the movie from the HD.
No problem, right ?

It doesn't convert and I don't understand why, using Apple Universal , I think it's her disk but I'm not sure yet.

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Re: Ripping Problem DVDs

Post by jbrjake »

If users continue to post problems to this thread without solutions, it *will* be locked.
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Re: Ripping Problem DVDs

Post by richisbored »

I've had several DVDs (Traffic, Jurassic Park 3, National Treasure 2) that have caused HandBrake to lock up or become lethargic during the muxing stage. It turns out if you encode those problematic films chapter by chapter instead of trying to do the whole film in one shot, it works fine.

Luckily I've been using MKV as a container. It's relatively simple to merge all the chapters back into a single file using mkvmerge. My only gripe with this workaround is that it's a chore setting up the job queue in HandBrake when a film has 60 chapters. But it's nothing a "encode each chapter into a separate file" checkbox couldn't fix. :wink:
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