HandBrake Snapshot Build 3

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Re: HandBrake Snapshot Build 3

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nightstrm wrote:Why on earth did you feel it was necessary to post a support question in the announcement thread??? The snapshot page gives you specific directions on how to report problems. I have half a mind to delete your post outright, but I'll be nice and leave it so you can copy it elsewhere... but don't be surprised if it isn't removed before the end of the night.
I'm sorry, but I thought this was the place to report problems with this new snapshot. I was under the impression that you wanted users to try the snapshot, and to report problems with it, so that you could improve it for the new version.

If I made a mistake, and posted this in the wrong place, I am sorry. Yes, that is a very human thing--to make mistakes. I don't really see the point of you getting angry about mistakes.

I wasn't really looking for support, although if someone could tell me how I could use this snapshot without such problems, I wouldn't mind hearing about it. I pretty much know what I have to do--to go back to version 0.92--as this snapshot seems SO buggy, to encode a video where only one frame shows the entire time, that there doesn't seem much sense in trying it again, unless someone can tell me how to fix it.

I wasn't writing with the purpose of asking for help, but rather to help you, by reporting a problem with the snapshot. If that makes you angry, I am sorry to hear that. If it makes you feel good (powerful, perhaps) to delete it, then go ahead and do so. What would be more logical, however, if this post is in the wrong forum, would be to move it to the correct place, and let me know where it is.

In any case, I guess I will uninstall the snapshot, and go back to 0.92.
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