Best Practice H265

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Best Practice H265

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Description of problem or question:
The magic of H265 is awesome. I'm wondering about best practice - I have a bunch of existing DVD transcodes to m4v and the like. Is it better to re-rip the media (MakeMKV->Raw rip), then transcode to H265 or can/ought one transcode to H265 from an existing m4v file? The goal: save hard drive space without sacrificing file quality.

I appreciate your time and expertise!
Thanks! 8)
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Re: Best Practice H265

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Go back to your originals if you can.
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Re: Best Practice H265

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I'd return to MakeMKV for the original quality.

What settings did you use previously?

If you're wanting to save on File size you can tweak a lot to shrink them down.
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