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file size

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I have a file size question:

I created three videos to burn onto a DVD. I brought each into Handbrake, an chose fast1080p/30 and set the dimensions to 640 X 480. Each resulted in a m4v file of 50-56 meg. I put all 3 on a track in Power director with each file having it's own chapter name. When I tried to create a DVD it said file size was a total of around 9 gig. What am I not understanding about Handbrake? I've used Handbrake to compress files for posting on Facebook, but this is my first attempt at putting them on a DVD.:

Handbrake version 1.3.3 (2020061300):

Operating system and version Windows 10:

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Re: file size

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To author a DVD, the video has to be encoded as MPEG2, which is less efficient than the h.264 you used in the first step. The file WILL get bigger when it is re-encoded as MPEG2.
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