Searching for a solution for batch/replace.

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Searching for a solution for batch/replace.

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I have a 5TB archive footage, thousands of files in deep folder structures so I can forget about manually doing it. I would like to convert all video files to H.265 R24 to have a smaller file size. Tried [Removed Dubious Product Reference] [Removed Dubious Product Reference] which would do the job, but it does about 20fps on my system and it would just take too long (Quality of the footage is also too bad). Handbrake manages it with ease at ~70fps and a 70% filesize reduction without too much of video quality loss, it’s almost the same.

Is there a good way to do this by now? Replacing video files after a successful conversion in deep folder structures?

Thanks everyone!

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Catalina on MacOs
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Re: Searching for a solution for batch/replace.

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HBBatchBeast will so it.

At your own peril, of course, since the output may be garbage due to configuration, decode, or encode errors.
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