Suggestions for two small changes for auto passthru of audio streams

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Suggestions for two small changes for auto passthru of audio streams

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In a custom preset I have set "Auto Passthru", which almost does what I want.
There is one minor issue if there are two or more audio streams for a given language, e.g. DTS and DTS-HD.
It seems HB uses the first encountered stream for a configured language.
Assuming stream #1 is DTS and #2 is DTS-HD this will result in DTS being selected after scanning of a BD with codec "DTS Passthru".
Since I want to use DTS-HD in that case (where both codecs are present) I manually change the track to DTS-HD and codec to Auto Passthru.

Suggestion #1: After scanning of a BD using "Auto Passthru" don't set the codec to the most specific passthru option but leave it at "Auto Passthru".
I don't have to change the codec then if I switch the selected audio stream from DTS to DTS-HD.

Suggestion #2 affects tracknames and is related to issue "Automatic track naming #2593".
Instead of using "Surround" (which is not specific enough) just use the detected codec type, e.g. "DTS 5.1" without language information since this will be added later anyway.
Please also change the resulting order of codec type and language since the latter is the most significant information.
So the trackname would be "English - DTS-HD 5.1" instead of "DTS-HD 5.1 - English".
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