Mixed framerate to 60 fps, optimal settings

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Mixed framerate to 60 fps, optimal settings

Post by obl918 »

I have several series that have mixed 24p and 30i frame rates (Star Trek Voyager and DS9). In the past I have used VFR with deinterlacing, "same as source," and this works well with most players. However, my new LG CX chokes on these videos, and forces all of the content to display at 24p, which causes the CGI scenes (which are interlaced NTSC) to stutter. There are no settings on the TV that change this. No matter what I do, it doesn't handle the variable frame rate correctly.

My Roku plays these files just fine, doing a good enough conversion to 60p that I do not notice any pull down judder, etc.

So what I would like to do is re-encode these videos to 59.97 or 60 fps to achieve basically what the Roku is doing automatically.

My efforts have failed to produce usable results. If I set the output to 59.97 constant, the 30i scenes look absolutely perfect, but the 24p scenes have a slight judder that I cannot watch comfortably. Since the Roku seems to do a fine job pulling the video to a constant 60p, I figure there must be a setting that will get me the same result, but I am missing it.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Re: Mixed framerate to 60 fps, optimal settings

Post by mduell »

As your question relates to a specific encode, not general principles, an activity log is required to see what has happened in your test encodes.
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Re: Mixed framerate to 60 fps, optimal settings

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Handbrake is not a frame rate changer. It will drop or dupe frames as needed to match the output, pretty basic.
You need optical flow interpolation, of the type the plugin Twixtor offers in nonlinear editors to achieve the sophisticated mixed-source results you are seeking. Constant Frame Rate, Same as Source, is the most player-compatible setting in Handbrake.
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