CPU Performance?

General questions or discussion about HandBrake, Video and/or audio transcoding, trends etc.
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CPU Performance?

Post by Shibblet »

Hey everyone. Been a handbrake user for years. Have been encoding my Blu-Rays ever since I bought a BD-Rom drive a few years ago.

The current settings I use get anywhere around 10-15fps for encoding x264 1080p, at 1920x1080)
I use Veryslow, set my quality at 24, passthrough the standard audio track (i.e. Regular DTS or AC-3), and make MKV files. This works best for me...

I currently own an Intel i7-3770 CPU.

If I were to upgrade my CPU to say a Ryzen 3700 (obviously motherboard, ram, etc.)
how much better performance would I get out of HandBrake?
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Re: CPU Performance?

Post by Rorchach91 »

Can't figure out an exact percentage of benefit for your plan to replacing i7-3770 to Ryzen 3700.
But 1 thing I do confirm is the performance will absolutely a leap forward, obviously.
One is that i7 3770 was released 2012 & ryzen 3700 was released 2019, the newest the better.
Another is the AMD multi threading tech has approved taking advantage of rendering, encoding,...etc
I assume there will be somthing 50% improment at least? not sure cuz I know nothing about other pieces of your hardware, but the CPU upgrade will seems dramatic enhance.
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