Subtitle Timing problem please help!

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Subtitle Timing problem please help!

Post by Blissout »

Hey guys,

So this is the deal.

I have an .srt file with english subtitles and well, I know how to hard sub it and encode it into the video.

But there is one problem...

The first 100 lines or so of the subs, I need to delay them by 1 second...

From line 101, since it's out of sync again, I need to delay it by 3 seconds.

And the last lines that are left I need to delay by 5.5 seconds.

Now I dont know what is the easiest way to do it?

I dont know how to edit it in the .srt file itself without manually changing the timing for every line.

But with handbrake I thought I could maybe upload 3 .srt files.

But I dont know how and if its possible? for the first .srt file to be delayed by 1 second.

But the problem is with the second file and third file, I dont know how to make it start at a specific duration for the subs to run, else it will just show up and overlap with the first timings of the first subs...

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Subtitle Timing problem please help!

Post by Woodstock »

Easiest would be a subtitle editor. Handbrake itself won't do this.
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