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Adding subtitle

Post by SoftDevil »

Description of problem or question:
Looking to add soft subtitle to MP4 file without reprocessing the video. So looking for a "passthrough" video setting

HandBrake version (e.g., 1.0.0):

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Win 10

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Re: Adding subtitle

Post by Woodstock »

You need a different tool. Handbrake is a video encoder; it always encodes the video. This is not going to change.

The MP4 container also limits what kinds of subtitles you can add to it. For some types, such as PGS, your only option is to burn them in, or switch to the MKV container. Even popular text format subtitles need to be converted to "fit" in MP4.
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Re: Adding subtitle

Post by mduell »

mp4box or ffmpeg would be good options for this. Not HB.
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