queue window now floating, snapped in window better

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queue window now floating, snapped in window better

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Old snapped in Queue window was better than the new floating one:
re: Queue Window:
With older version of handbrake (e.g 1.2.1) the queue window was snapped into the main UI. In that setup you got extra info in the list of queued items e.g The Title, chapters . You could see all of them in a row and this acted as a check so you could see if you picked successive items on the disc. Now with the latest version 1.3.1 you get a floating window and less information. You don't get the details of the title from the disc (not in a list), just the name you called it. If for example you accidental chose the same title twice, you wouldn't know, because the new version is not reporting that in the queue window.

You should bring back the exact details as per the old snapped in version. In fact I prefer the snapped in UI anyway.

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