Downmixing Choice significance

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Downmixing Choice significance

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I have a Pioneer VSX-S520 A/V receiver. ... 171027.pdf
It is capable (as are most modern HT receivers) of upmixing a stereo signal to 5.1. It gives me the choice of Dolby Surround or DTS:Neural X.
With regards to my AV receiver, when using Handbrake to downmix an audio stream, what significance, if any, is there to downmixing a 5/6/7.1 audio stream to Dolby Surround or ProLogic II, instead of Stereo? Is there a theoretical improvement in upmix accuracy if choosing DolbySurround/ProLogicII during dowmixing instead of Stereo?

I hope I worded my question well. Please let me know if I am unclear. Thank you for your time.

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Re: Downmixing Choice significance

Post by JohnAStebbins »

If you downmix to regular stereo, recovery of the original signal on the other channels will no longer be possible.

ProLogic I and II mix a phase shifted and attenuated version of the other channels into the right and left channel. The math is "interesting", but when you do this, you can extract much of the original signal for the other channels from the right and left channels. There is overall a loss of fedelity on all channels.

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