Converting 4k/50p 10 BIT HEVC MPEG-TS 4:2:2

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Re: Converting 4k/50p 10 BIT HEVC MPEG-TS 4:2:2

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Mentioning other useful softwares where there is no affiliation and the software complements HandBrake's workflows is fine in moderation. We appreciate everyone's enthusiasm for video and related softwares, and in this case, it certainly helped my understanding to get the broader picture of how HandBrake integrates into the larger workflow.

It goes without saying that specific requests for assistance with other softwares should be directed to their respective support channels. Of course, we'll do here what we can to help with the HandBrake side of things. ;)
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Re: Converting 4k/50p 10 BIT HEVC MPEG-TS 4:2:2

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Hi, i may have mentioned VRD Pro but i don't think that i mentioned anything about requesting help for that software, i probably spent more time criticizing their lack of wanting to fix the number of known bugs in their new Professional version, which may have been something that i was not meant to do, but i am frustrated with it, and this is why i am now forced to use Handbrake to get my 4k HEVC files converted to AVC so that i can get my editing completed in VRD, simply because VRD crashes when i try to convert HEVC to AVC after editing.

This works in favor of Handbrake, as i have often used it in the past for certain recode jobs, but it is now a permanent tool in my video editing tool kit.

I just need to understand more about the Handbrake quality settings and when to use what, with VRD all the profiles had built in default presets which have always been perfect for most users, and i do understand that Handbrake has presets for all of its output profiles, sometimes i get phased about the lower bitrate on certain files when i often believed the bitrate or quality RF Factor should be higher or lower.

All the same, i love Handbrake, and i still believe it to be the best offering out there for encoding/conversion work.

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