Question regarding handbrake video and audio settings

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Question regarding handbrake video and audio settings

Post by Movie_lover »

Hello Community!

I'm new here and have used Handbrake for 2 months approximately (i've done some things wrong in the past so i've been forced to reincode videos multiple times)

Now i've used handbrake for 2 things, i'm still relatively new to it (I use it to extract audio for personal use and converting videos). I have some questions regarding it (some are simple yes or no questions). I've used makemkv before using handbrake to get the mkv's

My questions are:

1. I should always no matter what i use the video for have Variable framerate and same as source correct?,

2. Does fps matter when extracting audio?, i want to extract it exactly how it sound's on the video (so it doesn't speed up or slow the volume when i import into audacity)

3. When Handbrake's 1080p fast setting (i use this setting for everything except 480p very fast when extracting audio) removes the black borders around a video it doesn't "scale or distort" the video correct?, the video between the black borders is unchanged correct?

NOTE: I have bought all the dvd's and blu-rays LEGALLY.

Thanks and hope you can help me! :)

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Re: Question regarding handbrake video and audio settings

Post by musicvid »

1. "Whatever" you use the video for? No. If the video is headed for a nonlinear editor, it should be Constant Frame Rate.
2. No.
3. Encode logs are required for support.

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Re: Question regarding handbrake video and audio settings

Post by mduell »

1. Yes, assuming any reasonably modern playback environment. Some legacy programs/devices have weird constraints and can't cope with VFR.
2. No, but also HB should have no part in extracting audio, since HB always includes video and there are other tools for this.
3. Correct, assuming the source is 1080p or less (then no scaling) and the source aspect ratio is correctly flagged (then no distortion).

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