Coverting 4k UHD HDR content

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Coverting 4k UHD HDR content

Post by sush1988 »

Hi Guys,

The new version of the Handbrake does 10 and 12 bit In X.265 encoder, Does it mean selecting one of those will help me retain HDR colors in the 4k Movie ?

These are the following settings am using currently to encode a 4K movie, Please let me know if below options help me preserve 4k HDR Content.

H.265 12-bit (x265), VFR
TrueHD Passthru
AC3 Passthru
Foreign Audio Search, Burned
0: English [PGS]

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Re: Coverting 4k UHD HDR content

Post by s55 »

HandBrakes pipeline is still 8bit, so you can't maintain true HDR output yet.

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