Passthru option in Codec gone?

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Passthru option in Codec gone?

Post by lucapearce »

Description of problem or question:
A few versions ago I noticed that the option passthru from the Audio-Codec menu was gone.

I tend to rip Blu-Ray movies and I don't want the audio to change! want to to be intact when I play the DTS or Dolby audios in my audio system.

Is there anything I missed?

Using latest version, on a mac.

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Re: Passthru option in Codec gone?

Post by rollin_eng »

Could you please post your HB logs, instructions can be found here: ... y-log.html

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Re: Passthru option in Codec gone?

Post by Ritsuka »

HandBrake shows the passthu options only if the passthu is possible.

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Re: Passthru option in Codec gone?

Post by brwill »

In the HB documentation, it is stated that audio passthru is available for True HD audio sources. I have an MKV with an audio file marked:

English (True HD) (7.1 ch)

The track is TrueHD Atmos

HB wants to mixdown (AAC (CoreAudio)) 7.1 channels

I'd like this to be passthru, but cannot seem to set that anywhere. How do I force passthru?

Thanks, Brian

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Re: Passthru option in Codec gone?

Post by Rodeo »

Use MKV output.

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