Change Sequence of Available Audio-Language-Tracks?

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Change Sequence of Available Audio-Language-Tracks?

Post by KasselGER »

Hi! I'm absolutely new to Handbrake but very happy with the software.

My Problem: If i rip some movies from DVD (Movies or series) to "m4v-Files" and select all available audio-languages... Mostly the "english"-Version is the first and default-track after copying to harddisc. Is there an option to change the sequence of all available language-tracks? In my case i prefer

- GERMAN (My native language)
- OTHERS (if available)

I user Handbrake 0.10.2 (x86_64) on Linux Mint 18.3 Cinnamon / 64 Bit / Kernel 4.15.0-50

Thanks for replying

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Re: Change Sequence of Available Audio-Language-Tracks?

Post by Woodstock »

First recommendation, get a current version of handbrake. 0.10.2 is around 4 years old, and there have been major revisions since then. And you should not use the versions that are found in your Linux distribution's repositories - Mint is known for distributing broken versions.

Once you have a current version, the Audio tab has a "Selection Behavior" button, which will allow you to set which languages will be automatically selected, and the order you put them in will determine the default placement in the output.

But there are some files the selection behavior will not handle "correctly", especially if the language of a track is not properly set. So, you probably will have to move some selections up or down in the list.

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