noob auto labeling help required

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noob auto labeling help required

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Description of problem or question:
im using unraid docker to transcode tv series from disk and need help figuring out
how to have the files match the source "i want the output folder to have a matching folder name as well as the track
so inside auto transcode folder ie /video/tv show d1/ it transcodes the files to /video transcoded/track1.mp4
but i wish it would duplicate the folder it came out of /video transcoded/tv show d1/track1.mp4
and since its in a unraid docker its not like my windows pc that does it for me in a acceptable manner

Steps to reproduce the problem (If Applicable):

HandBrake version (e.g., 1.0.0):

Operating system and version (e.g., Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, macOS 10.13 High Sierra, Windows 10 Creators Update):
unraid docker image

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