Audio settings control pannel

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Audio settings control pannel

Post by kfreeb »

I'm trying to understand the audio settings better and would like to know what how they affect the audio.

First: The "Gain" control.
How many DB's does each increment of the Gain control, increase the output audio?

Second: I want to encode 7.1 source audio, (mostly from DTS - HD MA 7.1) to E-AC3. The problem is that there is no selection under Mixdown when using the E-AC3 for 7.1 channels, only 5.1 channels is available. From what if have read on the E-AC3 codec, it's for that very purpose, to support 7.1 audio, otherwise, there's no point for it being there?

I know that I can encode 7.1 using the HE-AAC (CoreAudio) codec, but it's limited on Bitrate compared to the E-AC3 codec. I was under the impression that the E-AC3 audio is superior to HE-AAC, or am I wrong?

I'm using Nightly Build: Handbrake 20180806162519-fed758c-master, (I'd be using the current one, but it crashes when I try to open an MKV file.

My Operating system:
Mac Pro 12 core 3.33Ghz
Mac OS X 10.12.6

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Re: Audio settings control pannel

Post by Woodstock »

Each unit of db in the gain control is 1 db.

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Re: Audio settings control pannel

Post by musicvid »

Woodstock wrote:
Fri Nov 16, 2018 6:27 pm
Each unit of db in the gain control is 1 db.
dB means dBFS, which without visual meters, also means clipping and distortion.
Without active audio scopes I wouldn't touch any Gain controls.

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Re: Audio settings control pannel

Post by BradleyS »

HandBrake's E-AC3 encoder does not get support 7.1 channels. You'll have to do your own research on audio quality comparisons.

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