auto-select 1st subtitle in MKV file

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auto-select 1st subtitle in MKV file

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hello. Can someone please tell me to auto-load the first subtitle in an MKV file? I don't care what the language is for the 1st stream.

When the MKV file is loaded inside mediainfo, it shows the English is the first language. I created a custom preset that auto-select english subs and load it. But this is not working. When I look at the subtitle stream list inside handbrake, alll the languages shows as Unknown.

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Re: auto-select 1st subtitle in MKV file

Post by Woodstock »

If there is no language associated with a track in its metadata, handbrake is going to say "unknown" for the language. That means that things like selection based on language are not going to find matching tracks to select.

If we had your required activity log, we could better tell what handbrake saw when it scanned the file.
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Re: auto-select 1st subtitle in MKV file

Post by mduell »

Please be aware, this forum is not for support or help related to HandBrake. Please keep such discussions to the Community Support forum sections.
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