Problems with Converted Video; Possibly Corrupted

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Problems with Converted Video; Possibly Corrupted

Post by dmackey » Tue Dec 19, 2017 6:32 pm

Hey all,

If this is the wrong place to post this topic please let me know.

I have a file from a GoToMeeting recording that seems to be broken. The GoToMeeting support people told me it seemed corrupted, and to try using Handbrake. When I load it into Handbrake, or any assortment of Video Converters, it tells me that the duration of the file should be 08:19:31.33, however, all tools spit a file back to me that is only 3:19:38. When I got Handbrake to encode the file, this was the result. I had to run the nightly build for it to even get past the Scanning of the Title. The video portion of the file is actually not important to me, since it was essentially just slides which I have. The audio is the important part, as I have to have that. I am pretty much at wit's end with getting that portion recovered. Would anyone be able to look at the file and see if I am losing my mind or if there is anything that might be able to be done with the file?

A link to the file is here: ... Summit.g2m

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Re: Problems with Converted Video; Possibly Corrupted

Post by JohnAStebbins » Tue Dec 19, 2017 7:42 pm

Your file is truncated. Although the header says it's 8:19, there is only 3:19 of content there.

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