Free Open-Source video editor?

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Free Open-Source video editor?

Post by yensed »

I will be buying an iPod Touch and have Re-encoded all my videos just for the device. But one thing I'm really having issues with is finding a free(Preferably Open-Source) program that I can use to edit out commercials.. What program (s) do you guys/gals use?

Thank You, I appreciate any advice.

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Post by remyhelsinki »

Well I'm not sure what operating system you're on, but if you are just making clean cuts and don't need transitions you could try MPEG Streamclip (Mac or Windows, although I've only used the mac version).

I've used it to do some quick edits, but YMMV. Can't offer any other suggestions since the other programs I use are commercial software, but maybe someone else has some ideas.

(Oh forgot to mention after re-reading your post that I've only used this on the mpeg2 files (.vob) coming from a dvd so if you have already encoded to an iPod format (mpg4 or h264) then it should work but I haven't tried. You could always use iMovie if you are on a Mac though with those formats.

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Post by jbrjake »

But Streamclip isn't open source.

Look at AviDemux, it's sort of an ugly, cross-platform video swiss-army-knife.

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