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Ideas for Other Products

Post by MCioletti »

I have an idea for a companion piece of software for HandBrake. As you know, HandBreak allows a user the ability to rip video for personal use on non-traditional media devices (iPad, Personal Computer, etc.). The companion software would allow a user the ability to view and organize those ripped video files. StationBreak would act as a video repository and database for media. It would provide a user a way to store, catalog, access and program their video collection. Unlike iTunes, StationBreak would be a dedicated video application acting like a personal TV station, with the ability to program the play order on a continuous schedule. It could access appleTV, iPods, iPads and desktop computers through a custom application that acts as the personal TV station. A user would create a list of linked devices they wish to use as their television network. Then, all devices on the list would then receive the broadcast video at the same time... Just like a TV station. StationBreak would unleash people's stored videos. It would allow a truly personal experience for television viewing and would make a perfect companion application for HandBreak.

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Re: Ideas for Other Products

Post by s55 »

HandBrake is a hobby project for a few people. It's not developed by a company.

We barely have enough time to maintain HandBrake, never-mind start a new project.

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Re: Ideas for Other Products

Post by Smithcraft »

Sounds like Plex.


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Re: Ideas for Other Products

Post by GregiBoy »

OR XBMC. Both do the majority as describe above.

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