Yes, I know handbrake doesn't do this.

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Yes, I know handbrake doesn't do this.

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I have run several searches of the forums, and either I am not using the correct search strings, or the topics I seek don't exist.

I know HandBrake does not posses the capability to join two separate files into one. I'm posing a question to the general forum community about digital video in general. If I should have posted this someplace else, I apologize, this seemed like the logical place to put it. Please tell where to make all such future topics and I will happily comply.

I have two mp4 files containing h264 streams. Both files have the same frame rate and resolution. Both files use identical types of audio streams. With respects to the technical aspects of the files, the two files are identical to the best of my knowledge.

Is there a simple way to combine these to files into one, or has no one made a piece of software that does that effectively? Ideally, a piece of freeware that I can just point it to the two files and it does the work without needing to know a lot of technical details.

In theory, I believe I could make movie DVD out the two files, or at least a disc image of one, with both files combined into a single title, then re-run it through handbrake, but that's round-about, takes a while, and I'm likely to lose some video quality in the process.


PS: Here is what I know about the tech specs of the files as listed by VLC media player via the codec information window ( CTRL + j ), if it helps.

Stream 0
Codec: H264 - MPEG-4 AVC (Part 10)(avc1)
Resolution: 640x480
Frame Rate: 23.980000 (Why it needs all those extraneous 0's, I don't know :roll: )

Stream 1
Codec: MPEG AAC Audio (mp4a)
Channels: Stereo
Sample Rate: 44100 Hz

Both Files show the same information.

(Side Question: Is the AAC audio codec the counter part of the H264 video codec?)
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Re: Yes, I know handbrake doesn't do this.

Post by mcmusic »

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Re: Yes, I know handbrake doesn't do this.

Post by musicvid »

If you are running Windows OS, download the trial version of VideoRedo.
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Re: Yes, I know handbrake doesn't do this.

Post by randomreuben »

What were your search strings? Simply typing in the word "combine" brings up several threads on this topic.

Are you ripping things as .mp4 (or .m4v) or .mkv? If the latter, there's a spectacular piece of software called mkvtoolnix available here.
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Re: Yes, I know handbrake doesn't do this.

Post by MikeEckman »

This might not apply to you, but if the two video files are just two differnet halves of the same movie or video file, most playback programs (like XBMC) will automatically start the second file if you put "cd1" and "cd2" in the file name. For example, if you had the movie Braveheart split into two halves, you would name the two files Braveheart cd1.mkv and Braveheart cd2.mkv and XBMC would seamlessly start the second file when the first file finished.
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