HB stuck or crashes during scan, chapters out of order?

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HB stuck or crashes during scan, chapters out of order?

Postby Rodeo » Wed Apr 07, 2010 8:20 pm

Although the MacGUI is used to illustrate it, this tutorial is applicable to all 3 UIs (Windows, Mac, Linux)

When you scan DVDs with HandBrake, sometimes it looks like this:

Picture 1.png
HandBrake scanning all 99 titles of a DVD

A DVD player (standalone or application) will display the DVD menu and let you select the title (which you do by selecting the "Play" button in the menu).

But HandBrake is only software, not a sentient bieng, and therefore can't analyse the menu, press the button and determine the correct title on its own. Instead, it selects the longest title, because the main feature usually is the longest title.

However, some DVDs use lots of bogus titles (with a duration close to, and often exceeding that of the main title) as a copy protection measure. This causes HandBrake to select the wrong title, and the result is a movie where the chapters are out of order (which is kind of unpleasant to watch).

SOLUTION - play the DVD in a DVD player, like this:

Picture 2.png
A DVD menu

In Apple's DVD Player.app, you can check which title is playing from the Go > Title menu. In VLC, it's Playback > Title.

Most (if not all) DVD player applications display the title that is currently playing somewhere - you'll just have to look for it.

Picture 3.png
Apple's DVD Player application showing the selected title

Note the title number, and select it in HandBrake:

Picture 4.png
HandBrake's "Title" GUI widget

And there you go:

Picture 5.png
HandBrake main window with the correct title selected

If you don't want HandBrake to scan all titles (which can take a long time), start with the solution and the use the Open Source (Tile Specific) … feature (found in the File menu):

Picture 6.png
HandBrake's "File" menu, with the Open Source (Tile Specific) … option
(35.09 KiB) Downloaded 100946 times

Select your source:

Picture 7.png
HandBrake's source selection dialog under Mac OS X
Note that in the MacGUI, Open Source (Title Specific) … can be accessed from the standard Open Source… dialog, by holding the Alt/Option key while clicking on Open

Choose the title to be scanned:

Picture 8.png
HandBrake's title number selection window

And there you go:

Picture 9.png
HandBrake scanning only the specified title (much faster than scanning all titles)

Picture 5.png
HandBrake main window with the correct title selected
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