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Missing a title? Try this!

Post by jbrjake »

cbud wrote:Can we make a sticky about Handbrake not seeing all valid titles on a DVD.

It is a common problem and 9 out of 10 times it can be fixed using DVDOneX in movie only mode.
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That works...

Post by lhotka »

That works, but when ripping a DVD of TV shows, you might have to extract 10-20 individual files. Can there be an option to 'show all titles' regardless of what they appear to be?
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Post by mrfett »

The MTR r14 beta also has a mode: "Main Feature Extraction" that seems to work well. as mentioned, the problem is that you have to do this a ton of times. also, it seems pretty slow to me, but i've had other apps pegging my CPU so i can't say for sure.
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more info?

Post by kspring »

Will someone post more info on how to use DVDOneX to circumvent this problem in HandBrake not recognizing all the titles? I have tried using DVDOneX and then directing HandBrake where I saved the files from DVDOneX. The result I get is the same as I do when using HandBrake. It does not recognize that title.


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Post by kspring »

Here is another in the forums describing the problem.

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