The Office Season 1 Problem

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The Office Season 1 Problem

Post by eshaheen »

I have used MTR to copy The Office Season 1 to my computer. When I try to scan the video_ts folder with HandBrake or MediaFork, it crashes about half way through the scan. Any suggestions?
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Post by baggss »

You can try ripping the DVD with MacTheRipper to your Hard Drive first and then running it through HB.
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Post by cbud »

The Office Season 1 worked fine for me using MTR. This DVD has a weird VOB file structure. It was a pain to figure out what title was what episode. Some episodes appear twice in the title list.
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Post by mrmugno »

I'm thinking the six titles with time frames around 22 minutes are the six episodes from DVD season 1.

the structure is odd how there are 2 titles, 44 and 55 minutes, where 2 episodes are condensed. you'll notice this on Mac' DVD player when scanning through the episodes how the 6 seasons are all screwy when fast forwarding.

this actually works out best because each title can be scanned and will be separate rather than a condensed title with all episodes that you wouldn't be able to sort through.
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