Narrow blak bars on top and bottom of Family Guy rip?

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Narrow blak bars on top and bottom of Family Guy rip?

Post by bowlanachos »

I just started using MediaFork (great app!), and I started by ripping some of the episodes from the 3rd season of Family Guy. On every single episode, around half of the few upper and lower lines of pixels are black. This can't be an aspect ratio issue, as it only applies on half the image. Example:

System info:
MacBook 2 GHz, 1 GB RAM, running Mac OS X 10.4.9, with all the latest software updates
MediaFork 0.8.0b1
Family Guy Season 3 DVD

MediaFork settings:
MP4 file
H.264 Video/ AAC Audioe
29.97 fps
Encoder: x.264
2-pass encoding
1000 kbps
Keep AR: On
De-interlace: On
Anamorphic: Off
Source: 720x576
Output: 720x544 (default)
Keep aspect ratio: On
Create iPod/iTunes friendly .m4v extension: On

Anyone else experience this?[/img]

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Post by baggss »

I just looked at a bunch of my Family guy stuff and I don't see any. My rips are almost identical to yours except my video size was 320x240 and I didn't use the m4v extension.

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Post by cbud »

Just crop them off. Auto-crop should pick those up, if not just set a custom crop of 2 px for the top and bottom.

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