sound plays fine on itunes, hear directors cut only on ipod

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sound plays fine on itunes, hear directors cut only on ipod

Post by danceswithmooses »

I've spent alot of time trying to figure this out I'm working with a movie
that has other language audio tracks available and director's commentaries.
I don't know what english acl 5 or 2 mean but when using either to
make the file everything seams fine on itunes it play's in english
but when I load it onto my ipod video it only play's the directors cut.
Anyone have any ideas on this please?? thanks
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Post by rhester »

I didn't think the iPod even supported rips with multiple audio tracks. baggss? jbrjake? dynaflash?

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Post by cbud »

AC3 5.1 will be the movie audio in Dolby Surround. The AC3 2.0 will be the directors commentary.

It sounds like you encoded this movie a few times and it appears that the version you put on the iPod has the AC3 2.0 audio. Re-encode with iPod settings and choose AC3 5.1.
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Hey thank you very much....that was it

Post by danceswithmooses »

that's it...!! I'm having trouble resiziing the video also...i try to get it to fit
exactly but when i import to quicktime to after applying resize it takes a year and a day to convert to 7 hours and the picture quality was
very pixalated....usable but far from perfect. Why is that?...thanks guy's
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-----------------------DON'T MAKE THIS MISTAKE--------------

Post by danceswithmooses »

I bought THIS PROGRAM from this web site
I got an email with my email containing my code to access it from their site.
The firm Regrow owns or distributes mp4 converter. I downloaded and put
my new code in and by the way the converter was 49.99. If you wanted a disc containing your product it was an extra 12.50.
The only reason that I was purchasing anything at all was because
handbrake was "too slow" and I was too frustrated with getting the wrong size image. The image was a wide screen 320 x 240 on my ipod I'd need
a magnifying glass to watch the movie.
Any who, getting back to the juicy punch line. I press the movie. Ahhhhvery fast...I like...I like. But! It only play's on the actual program. Get it?The entire movie only play's in the program. There is no mp4 on my entire hardrive that contains the mp4. Buuuttttt whhhhaaaaittt there's more....
The actual controls to the device won't allow not even a quarter of what the company claims it does. And the movie plays like my cat's swatting the pause button on and off, or my baby niece had got the remote again.
The help button only takes me to their web site and it's not really helpful. After a cryptic email telling me to hold the comma and apple key down at the same time, they won't reply to me anymore. Their phone number is only a call center and they can't do anything but relay my message to the company.
I took their ity bitty movie and brought it into quick time pro but that took
almost 6 hours to do and for some reason the quality was a little blurry
I just bought roxio popcorn don't know how that will help me. But i'm probably just an example for you..stay with the free [Censored].....YES...REPEAT AFTER ME...FREE IS GOOD...FREE IS GOOD.....FREE IS GOOD..
.git it got it good..... 60 bucks and i'm back where i started....
I probably will never hear from them again after i compared my $60
purchase to the almighty and free handbrake...I think they got insulted that they had less options and controls that the good old grey mare(handbrake, for you youngins).
All of this could have easily been avoided by using the demo. Exept their demo (purposely) did not work. Hence the second moral to my
tradgedy if the "de demo don't work don't buy it" it's probably not just the demo that doesn't work. The only thing thing that worked really well on this company's web site flawlessly was the credit card system they used....... pass it on...I hope you had a few laugh's at me I deserve it....thanks
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