How to make subtitle Font smaller?

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How to make subtitle Font smaller?

Post by styleandheart »

In some of my Vertical Videos, the subtitles Font is too big, how can I make this normal size font?

I just use the presets in handbrake when I'm burning in an srt file.

Can you help me fix this?

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Re: How to make subtitle Font smaller?

Post by Woodstock »

Handbrake does not currently have a way of setting subtitle parameters for SRT subtitles.

One possibility would be to use a subtitle editor and convert the file to an SSA format, which would give full control over font used and its color and size. Handbrake DOES allow SOME SSA style commands to be used in SRT files, but it is better to convert it to SSA so that you don't have to worry about what does/doesn't work.
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Re: How to make subtitle Font smaller?

Post by Rorchach91 »

If you have seperate subtitle files like .srt .ass you can edit it with aegisub, a freeware that allows full customization of subtitle.

If the subtitle is embedded, I'd like to disable it and try find a substitutes .srt for it.

Anyway if the sub is integrated, aegisub will resolve your font size problem
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