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Just amazed

Post by Adamcarter »

Long time handbrake user and even longer mac user.

I will say that every version of handbrake gets better and better. I thought handbrake was all i needed.
Recently i had a bunch of 80s tv dvd sets i wanted to encode. Of course they being from the 80s they are mostly interlaced Ntsc (i’m from the states). At least thats what dgindex on my pc says.

I much like most of you probably take a new dvd and run the same track with different settings to see which offers the best quality.

I almost always likes the very slow setting x264 settings. Decomb, eedi or eedi bob depending on the source.

Welp, on a whim i tried hybrid for mac using vapoursynth with qtgmc as my deinterlacer.

My God..... i never thought a source could look better after encoding..... until now.

I saw that the programmers said they could never add qtgmc to handbrake because it requires avisynth/vapoursynth.I really wish they would try.
Hybrid is great but the mac gui hasnt been updated in awhile. Still works great.

But man.... that qtgmc made my video pop...
It looked So professional.
Def wish handbrake would get qtgmc

I also discovered for anime waifu2x-caffe and anime4k resizers are amazing for taking 2D animation. I dont so much use it for resizing, but they clean up the animation where they look crisp.

Just my 2bits

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Re: Just amazed

Post by musicvid »

Here is an objective edge test of deinterlacers, some in Handbrake and some not.
Decomb Default, EEDI2, and QTGMC are all in a practical dead heat, with only minor variations.
Therefore, your choice depends almost entirely on your viewing preferences and your teevee screen sharpness at ~six feet viewing distance.
My personal preference is EEDI2, but as a longtime editor, I could easily live with any of the three. QTGMC is a little too sharp in my living room environment.
Also, here is a link to the video version that you can test on your own teevee. Be sure to play at native 1080p if possible.
https://drive.google.com/open?id=16-ab8 ... VC77KkPl1h
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