AMD VCE Support on Radeon Pro W5700X

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AMD VCE Support on Radeon Pro W5700X

Post by Hazza42 »

I'd like to be able to make use of AMDs hardware acceleration for my encodes, but despite having a Navi GPU, Handbrake doesn't seem to have support as it doesn't show as an encoder option under video preferences. Anything I'm doing wrong here, or is support just not there yet since the W5700X is fairly new?

HandBrake version:
Version 1.3.3

Operating system:
MacOS Catalina 10.15.5

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Re: AMD VCE Support on Radeon Pro W5700X

Post by Ritsuka »

Hardware acceleration on macOS is only available thru Apple's Videotoolbox Api. Videotoolbox will use automatically the best quality/performance hardware encoder available.
You can select one of the "Videotoolbox" encoders, but there isn't an easy way to check which hardware will be used.

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