Encode damaged video?

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Encode damaged video?

Post by vp88ducdung »

Hello forum im a new so i want to say hello.

And second,

I think my video camera has a fault which seems to be intermittent. I have a video with good picture quality but the picture stops after a few minutes. The audio plays continuously though. The sound is not great. HandBrake balks at encoding the video. It has encoded 2 minutes of the 18 minute video.

I shot with 2 cameras. The other camera did not record sound but the picture is ok. (Human error in that case)

So I want to get the sound from the dodgy video to my editor so he can clean up and amplify the sound and make a decent video from the two. How can I get it to encode.

HandBrake version 1.2.0

Mac OS X El Capitan Version 10.11.6
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Re: Encode damaged video?

Post by mduell »

You need a video editor, which HB is not.

If you video editor can't extract the audio, demux your source with the appropriate tool for your existing audio-video container. Can't suggest anything since you didn't follow the very detailed instructions to get a log to post.

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