The Prestige

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The Prestige

Post by lightwalker »

im having trouble ripping the prestige, it will only rip the making of instead of the film, any help would be phenomenal.
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got it i think

Post by lightwalker »

I downloaded instant bandbrake and it is ripping the movie. a lot easier to use for someone like me who is just ripping to put on ipod.
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Post by baggss »

Let me know how that works for you. That movie is on the lit of "Zero Cell" Movies (reported in the MTR forums) in the sticky at the top of this forum. If you can rip it, let me know and I'll remove it from the list.
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Post by myronaiii »

I tried ripping the Prestige with HandBrake for PC. I got great video and no sound. I then tried DVD Decrypter to get an ISO file of the movie. I ran that through HandBrake and all I got was the making of the movie.
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No sound

Post by fishcough »

Same results as myronaiii - great video, zero sound (except I'm on a Mac).
Trying to rip it as an MPREG-4 Video/AAC Audio, with Audio set to 44100 Hz and 128 kbps, Language 1: English (AC3) (5ch).
Should I be using other settings?
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Post by jbrjake »

Please don't necro ancient threads for no reason. There is an extremely in-depth, active thread about audio drop-out problems.

Locking this.