Am I Doing This Right?

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Am I Doing This Right?

Post by Johnlarry »

I’m in the process of redoing my collection, for years I converted with AutoGK and most of my collection is .avi and stereo. I recently started with Hanbrake and I found the 720/30 Fast preset setting is working nicely for my DVDs, I change the audio from AAC to AC3 passthru. My files sizes are averaging between 1 and 1.5 gig and end up as mp4 or m4v. They take just under 2 hours on a rather old laptop I use.

I will say overall I’m happy with this setting and I’ve already watched a few movies. That being said I know there is a 480 setting and I may be wasting space but I also read that the 720 may catch some odd sizes the 480 won’t. I really don’t want to have to do this again. Are these settings going to last me? Also what should I look for when I eventually move to Blu rays? I use MakeMKV to get things going.

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Re: Am I Doing This Right?

Post by mduell »

720 is the max vertical resolution, so it's fine to choose that preset for 480 content.

For Blu-ray, start with the Fast 1080p preset if that's in line with your speed/quality/size preferences.

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