Can Handbrake run in the background on Mac?

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Can Handbrake run in the background on Mac?

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I use Handbrake a lot — it is of course unbeatable for what it does. But there is one thing that is a problem. When I set up a queue of jobs and HB starts its work — sometimes it needs several hours to do just one file — in that time I am often going to need to use my computer, but HB uses up all my cycles and performance on other tasks becomes impossibly slow. I have to 'pause' Handbrake and hope I remember to 'resume' after I'm done.

This is surely a Mac issue not a Handbrake issue but I thought I would ask here first — is there no way that HB can run as a background process and only take over the CPU when there is no user input from other programs?

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Re: Can Handbrake run in the background on Mac?

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Handbrake sets itself as low priority, so any other task you start will get resources to run.

Yes, it will use what processor is available, but other tasks should have higher priority.

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