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Bear Hunter
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Post by Bear Hunter »

Ok... I didn't want to clutter up the fairmount/DVD2OneX thread....so here is the deal on RATATOUILLE.

Fairmount will not work (freezes).

MTR does work:

1. 2.6.6 will scan and start the backup process but it will give you VOB errors and prompt you to "delete" them or "Pad" them. Progress indicator with this version was just over 12hrs....too long and too hard on the optical drive in my book....so I don't know if it will in fact work.

2. New versions of MTR will scan the disk. It may take a couple of tries, but it will work. It seems to crash at the end of a scan 2 out of 3 times.

3. Once a scan is complete...MTR will backup a movie only extraction that plays just fine as is on the Apple DVD.

4. I was able to do a full disk extraction with MTR 14i...but the output was not playable "as is" through the Apple DVD. Once the file is loaded it stays on a black screen that you cannot skip or access the menu from. It is playable through VLC...but it does not play correctly (in the correct sequence leading up to the movie). The movie only plays fine

5. After running the full disk extraction through DVD2OneX it corrected 392 mastering errors. I did this twice using SL and DL output options. The end result was the same in both cases. The DVD2One output was playable through the Apple DVD player...However.... No audio on the main feature....and one of the short films called "lifted" was not accessable through the main menu. Again, VLC will play the output but not in the correct sequence leading up to the movie, menus do not work....but audio does work on the main feature with VLC.

...So bottom line on this movie is Main Feature extraction using MTR and HB to convert.
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Post by maximumzero »

So here's the deal. I used MtR 3.14d to rip the DVD via the "Main Feature" command.

What it spits out is a Video_TS folder that's 88 Chapters long. That's over double the original number of chapters. It bugged me a bit, but hey, it worked, so I wasn't going to complain. Apple's DVD player played the movie all the way through just fine and Popcorn was able to burn (From what I can tell by playing the DVD on the computer) a perfect copy.

Now, here's where the problem comes in. I want to put the movie onto my PSP. However, when I load the Video_TS folder into HB it picks up Chapters 1-79, effectively cutting off the last 15 minutes of the movie. What's truely confusing is that HB says the duration is the full 1:50, but when I rip all the available chapters it doesn't work.

Any idea folks?
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Post by exodar »

I can confirm the same results. I was finally able to get past the scan in MTR 3.0 R14h after trying several times, then I successfully did a movie-only extraction. However, as indicated above, it extracted 88 chapters and HandBrake only sees 79 of those. Is this some kind of HandBrake limitation?
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Post by dynaflash »

Not a limitation as far as a max chapter cap, but I suspect HB is merging a few of the *very* short chapters (which may or may not be chapters needed for this to play and should show up in the scan in your activity window if your using the macgui). Have you tried an encode and see what happens?

To test, maybe use the "Classic" preset as its very fast (160 fps on a mbp c2d) just to see if the source is read properly.
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Post by dynaflash »

As well, Lets please keep any posts about specific dvd's in this thread:

No more topics about specific dvd's please.
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Will not encode Entire Movie

Post by JimnMarjie »

MTR 14i works beautifully on Ratatouille, but HB will not encode entire movie in Apple TV mode. Stopped 5 to 10 minutes short on 3 tries. Tried both disk and VIDEO_TS sources.

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Post by jbrjake »

Ye gods and little fishes!

Since you people refuse to follow directions, this thread is getting locked. As will all other DVD-specific threads.